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It all starts with your story

To identify and gain access to your ideal educational or career opportunity, Me.Mentor believes that you should start by reflecting on your experiences, recognizing your value, and learning to communicate your story.

This is where we can help.

Our Services

Story Exploration

Me.Mentors listen to your experiences and then help you identify and plan for an education and career path aligned with your passions

Written Story

Me.Mentors help you put your story in writing by editing and revising resumes, cover letters, essays, and other application materials

Spoken Story

Me.Mentors prepare you for interviews by helping you anticipate questions and craft responses that reflect your knowledge, skills, and character

Taking mentorship to the next level

There are mentors, and then there are Me.Mentors! We make considerable efforts to vet applicants and hire people who share our values and meet our safety and experiential standards. You can trust our platform's diverse group of Me.Mentors to provide the tailored and quality support you need.

The Me.Mentor Standard

Connect with a Me.Mentor in 3 simple steps

1. Select Your Mentee Category

Using our Me.Mentor app or website, view our three mentee categories and select the one that best describes your current career or academic position

2. Choose Your Me.Mentor

Sort through Me.Mentors using our filters, read through their bios and credentials, and then "Drop a Message" to arrange a FREE, 15-minute appointment with your favorite Me.Mentor to learn more about their services and to discuss your mentorship needs

3. Explore, Write, & Speak Your Story

Choose which services you would like to receive from your Me.Mentor, pay through the site or app if applicable, then Explore, Write, and Speak your story

Start by selecting your mentee category

Stories define us

We believe that everyone has a unique, interesting, and beautiful story. This is why we created a platform for people to Connect with others, Share their stories, and Grow personally and professionally through the experience.

We also believe that all students and young adults deserve to have access to educational opportunities where they can be encouraged and uplifted by people who care. This is why we save a portion of every transaction to help cover Me.Mentor service costs for low-income high school students, and to invest in community initiatives that support students and young adults around the world.

Click below to learn more about our story and the values that led us to creating this social enterprise.

Me.Mentor's Story