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Contact: Connor Donovan

Me.Mentor Launches Online Mentorship Platform Headquartered in Little Rock


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.,  Dec. 1, 2020 --  A new online mentorship platform launches this week out of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Me Mentor, LLC (DBA: Me.Mentor) is a social enterprise startup that connects students and young professionals with mentors for education and career support services.

Mentors, or Me.Mentors, on the platform help customers reflect on and leverage their stories (i.e. their backgrounds, personal experiences, etc.) to identify and procure education and career opportunities aligned with their passions.

The services are available to high school and undergraduate students, early career professionals, and graduate program applicants via the website and the app. Services offered by Me.Mentors on the platform include:

  • Story Exploration – Me.Mentors listen to your experiences and then help you identify and plan for an education and career path aligned with your passions

  • Written Story – Me.Mentors help you put your story in writing by editing and revising resumes, cover letters, essays, and other application materials for job or academic opportunities

  • Spoken Story – Me.Mentors prepare you for interviews by helping you anticipate questions and craft responses that reflect your knowledge, skills, and character

Me.Mentors are members of the community who reflect a diversity of academic and career experiences, as well as a diversity of backgrounds, languages, ethnicities, and beliefs. Prospective Me.Mentors must apply to be on the platform and, if selected, they must also pass a background check before rendering services through the platform. Me.Mentors set their own working hours and service rates.

“We make considerable efforts to vet applicants and hire people who share our values, who meet our safety and experiential standards, and who reflect the diverse world in which we live,” says Connor Donovan, Founder & CEO of Me.Mentor. “You can trust Me.Mentors on our platform to provide students and young professionals with the tailored and quality support they need.”

Me.Mentor is a social enterprise, meaning that it is a for-profit entity driven by a social mission.

“One of the ways we measure our success is by assessing our net benefit to society,” says Donovan. “We will work to ensure that our business has a positive, lasting impact on both the direct and indirect stakeholders who make up our global community.”

As a part of its social mission, Me.Mentor has committed itself to finding ways to offer reduced-price services to high school students from low-income families.  “Our long-term goal is to build up an endowment that will be solely used to cover the costs of all high school students seeking mentorship services through our platform,”  says Donovan. 

Me.Mentor will also utilize its resources to invest in programs beneficial to students and young adults in communities around the world. The startup is currently building community partnerships and developing creative ways to carry out its social mission.

A portion of every paid transaction on the platform goes toward carrying out the company’s social mission. Me.Mentors are also encouraged to offer any free or discounted services they want to mentee customers, especially for low-income high school students.

To find out more about Me.Mentor, visit

About Me.Mentor, LLC 

Me.Mentor is an online platform that connects students and young professionals with mentors for education and career support services. Driven by our social mission, we strive to make our platform as convenient and accessible as possible in order to provide people of all backgrounds with equal opportunities for career and education support, and to empower them to reach a place in life where they are fulfilled and living comfortably doing the work they do.