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Connor Donovan, Founder & CEO, Me.Mentor

Me.Mentor was founded in 2019 by Connor Donovan out of his home state of Arkansas. Connor had both domestic and international experience working with a diversity of students across the primary, secondary, and collegiate levels. Through his experiences, he had seen time and time again just how brilliant and inspiring young people were and how much potential they had to accomplish tremendous feats. 

However, Connor had also observed that students and young adults were constantly under pressure to provide and to achieve. Many were all at once expected to get good grades, get involved in extra-curriculars, decide upon their careers, take care of their families, and take care of themselves. These challenging expectations were made even more difficult to meet due to obstacles arising from socio-cultural pressures, peer pressure, poverty, disability, race/gender/sexual orientation-based discrimination, and other factors.

And while some of these students and young adults had close family, friends, or other peers to help guide them along the way, Connor observed that too many of them had no such person there to look up to or to provide them with the direction they needed. This lack of support led some to falsely conclude that certain academic or career opportunities weren’t available to them, or to falsely assume that they had to obtain a college degree to be successful, when in fact many fulfilling and impactful career opportunities could also be obtained through vocational education, apprenticeships, certification programs, the military, or by jumping into and learning directly from the workforce.

With so many challenges to overcome, Connor knew that it would be difficult for students and young adults to figure out which direction they would want to go with their lives, and to formulate the best strategy for proceeding in that direction, without sincere and individualized support. This is what led him to develop an online platform where students and young adults around the world could connect with knowledgeable, experienced, caring, and relatable mentors for career and educational support. That platform became Me.Mentor, and its foundation was built on the following values:


At Me.Mentor, we truly believe that:

  • Everyone is innately, equally, and highly valuable.

  • Everyone deserves to be treated with love, kindness, dignity, and respect.

  • Everyone has a unique, interesting, and beautiful story that is composed of their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.

  • Everyone has something valuable to contribute to this world, and everyone can end up in a place where they are fulfilled and living comfortably doing the work they do.

  • Everyone deserves to have access to educational opportunities where they can be encouraged and uplifted by people who care about their well-being, passions, and future. Education in its many forms can give us hope for a better future, as well as provide us with the tools we need to make that future a reality.


Based on Me.Mentor's core values, we have made it our mission to help people around the world understand and appreciate their unique stories and innate value, and to help them identify and utilize their stories and developed capacities to procure fulfilling career-ed opportunities.


Our company’s success will be primarily measured by its positive social and environmental impact. We will thoughtfully consider the effects our business processes and decisions will have on: employees, mentees, and mentors; the general public, including both direct and indirect community stakeholders; and on natural resources and regional biodiversity.

Additionally, we aim to ensure that all young people are able to access educational and career development resources like ours one day, enabling them to be supported and uplifted by people who care about their well-beings, their passions, and their futures. Therefore, we are committed to finding ways to offer reduced-price services to high school students from low-income families/households, and to strategically utilizing our company’s resources to invest in programs that will be beneficial to students and young adults in communities around the world.